Top 5 Sales Hacks for Retail Companies in Malaysia

Pay attention – “People will never forget how you made them feel.”

This renowned quote by Maya Angelou captures the spirit of all the hot sales techniques that we will now share with retail companies in Malaysia.

Let’s start!

Retail Companies in Malaysia

1) Power Up the Checkout Experience:

Customers just want to pay and take all of their purchases home to enjoy after spending so much time in your store.

Long lineups at the checkout, on the other hand, might disrupt the entire shopping experience.

Their feet hurt, their children are weeping, the queue appears to be much longer, and their items look to be heavier. That is not what anyone wants!

Additionally, keep in mind that customers may see how long the line is even before they reach the business. You don’t want customers to turn back and leave before making a purchase.

You just need the right software for your business.

It has to be the one that’s developed to solve the exact pain points that lead to longer queues.

Malaysian retail experts recommend Ari POS, you can give it a shot without any commitment by opting for a free trial for your retail company in Malaysia.

The bonus is that you get to customize hot-key buttons, and dashboards specific to your retail companies in Malaysia, get a dedicated account manager 24*7, and whatnot!

2) Bring Robots to Action:

Retail Companies in Malaysia

Consumers aren’t stopping when you put up a fresh banner or display? This is because they are bombarded with advertisements wherever they go. Online, in-store, on the street, on buildings, in the park, on TV, on the radio, and so on.

But how can you get them to turn around and look at your product? By bringing the Robots to the action!

While robots were once only seen in science fiction films, they are now a reality, and…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to become a significant asset for you.


Malaysians strongly appreciate technologically enhanced purchasing experiences.

According to the Adyen Malaysia Retail Report 2022, Malaysian customers have higher expectations for tech-enabled retail experiences than the worldwide average.

According to the report’s results, 87% of Malaysian consumers are more inclined to purchase with retailers who utilize technology to improve the customer experience compared to 55% of customers globally, 64% in Asia-Pacific, and 74% in Singapore.

So, how to use Robots to increase sales in the store? Here are some examples

  • Let them welcome customers at the entry of retail companies in Malaysia, provide product information, and lead them to a certain aisle.
  • Use Robots to share sales promotions, serve customer queries, etc.
  • Let your staff customize the robot; the more attention it receives, the higher the sales.

The free trial is for 30 days, so you get ample time to make your final decision. Just go for it.

3) Supercharge Sales with Shopper Marketing:

While most forms of marketing are concerned with promoting a product or service, shopper marketing shifted the focus from the product to the consumer.


Customers increasingly consider shopping as a form of entertainment now – “Retailtainment”.

Basically, show how the products in your store solve their problems, make it fun, and make it immersive.

Here is an example…

Maggi had a fantastic shopper marketing strategy that wowed in-store customers.

Nestle sought to advertise their Maggi boxed soups in Bolivian retail shops in order to increase sales. They wanted to do something unique to thrill their consumers.

What began as a casual talk about magic evolved into a magical campaign.

They used a Robot to carry a large pot of soup and pushed the cover up and down while singing Italian opera.

Customers embraced the concept so well, and the boxed soups sold like hotcakes. So awesome, right?

Retail companies in Malaysia can think of creative campaigns like these to boost in-store sales using Shopper Marketing.

4) Leverage the Real People in Real Life:

Retail Companies in Malaysia

What is one of the key benefits that brick-and-mortar retailers have over eCommerce platforms?

Yes, you guessed it right.

The capacity to connect and interact with customers in-store and in real-time.

The in-person interaction is critical for capturing a customer’s attention and boosting sales.

Even though planning an event can be time- and energy-consuming, it can be worthwhile in the end. You can hold a wide variety of events to attract clients and entice them to buy various things.

According to 69% of consumers, engaging in live events improves their relationships with the company, their friends, and their community.

You can interact with consumers during an in-store event to gain their confidence and establish a connection.

To thrive in communities, we all seek relationships and deeper shared ideals. When you hold events and communicate your tales, customers who are interested in your product or service will participate in real-time.

That’s hugely impactful for retail companies in Malaysia!

If you allow your consumers to purchase what they believe in, it is far more likely that your sales flow will be abundant.

5) Meaningful Loyalty Boosting Campaigns:

This is an effective retail store marketing approach since dedicated customers will spend more money.

Moreover, you can personalize advertising to frequent customers who happen to be close to your business by combining proximity targeting with loyalty promotions.


By using geofencing, proximity targeting will enable you to specify a region surrounding certain retail locations in Malaysia.

After completing that, you can market to Malaysian local residents to affect their purchasing decisions. This has proven to be a relatively niche way to increase foot traffic in retail stores.

For example, when Denny’s, a family restaurant chain, ran a proximity targeting a…

12% of individuals who saw it stated they would visit the shop in the following two weeks.

You can customize those promotional advertisements according to the preferences of your customer segmentation in your loyalty database.

It’s easy when you have Ari POS!

You can use built-in templates, and personalize your customer experiences in seconds, thus skyrocketing store sales of your retail company in Malaysia.

Why wait?

Every Customer Visit Counts, Making it Amazing for You & Them

We would like to conclude by reminding you that the population of Malaysia is multicultural and multilingual.

Get access to the advanced Retail POS software right now!

The Malaysian Society is Referred to be “Asia in Miniature”

Each ethnic group here still maintains its distinct cultural identity. So, Malaysian consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by these cultures. Make sure you develop the discussed sales hacks keeping that in mind for even better results. good luck!

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