Top 10 Space-Tech Companies in India

India is growing and modernizing by means of making significant advances in the space technology industry. With all of this innovation, they are gaining the attention of an increasing number of investors. The whole space expedition in India has been

Brain Computer Interface as the Future of Computing

Modern Computing is moving in the direction of rapid development, given the extensive research base and highly compact technological setup. The transition in neurotechnology toward more precise application potential is astonishing.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) also known as BrainMachine Interface has

Renesas Samples Its First 22-nm Microcontroller

Renesas Electronics announced that it has produced its first microcontroller (MCU) based on advanced 22-nm process technology. By employing state-of-the-art process technology, Renesas can provide customers with superior performance at lower power consumption driven by reduced core voltages. The advanced