Top 10 LED Lighting Companies in India

India has been established as a key country in taking the fight to climate change. It has announced to decrease its carbon footprint in several UN meetings. In fact, when PM Narendra Modi addressed the gathering at Davos, he made sure to let the world know that India has shifted gears to tackle climate change. While this is a big narrative, it will come to fruition only when small things are put in place. And one such small but significant initiative is India making the shift to LED lighting.

Frost and Sullivan say that India is currently one of the biggest markets for LED lights in the world. There are numbers that support this claim. F&S believes that by the year 2021, LED light penetration in India’s lighting market will be a whopping 57 per cent. This in itself would be a huge achievement. Talking of which brought us to the companies that have made it possible for India to become a prime market for LED lights. India boasts of some of the biggest LED lighting companies in its stable. In this article, we take a look at the top 10 LED lighting companies in India. take a look:

Philips Electronics India Ltd

Let’s face it. You have known this brand since you were a child. Philips is a Dutch brand, but it considers India to be its biggest market as far as LED lights are concerned. It is one of the most trusted and trusted brands for LED lights among consumers. The firm boasts of cutting-edge technology and a wide range of LED lighting solutions to the Indian customer. It has a wide portfolio of LED lights, that is, Philips has an LED for people from every walk of life. Globally too, the firm is a leader in LED lighting. And it has been made sure that it brings all that global experience and expertise for its products in India.

Osram India Pvt Ltd

People swear by German engineering. The Germans are considered to be the best brains in making machines of all kinds. So, what happens when a German company decides to open a manufacturing plant in India? Quite simply, you get robust German engineering- which means fuss-free LED lighting. Osram India, a complete subsidiary of Osram GmbH, offers its customers a wide range of LED lighting solutions. With manufacturing plants in Sonepat and Kundli, the company has managed to make LED lights for India, in India. From Indoor LED modules to exterior modules; from lamps to general lighting, Osram India has a solution for all your LED lighting needs.

Havells India Ltd

Here’s a fun fact, Havells has 14 different manufacturing locations in India alone. You might know the company from the famous cable advertisement that says Havell’s cables never catch fire. And that is really a testament to the company’s quality control. Havells is a new entrant in the LED lighting sphere, after it started manufacturing LED lights in 2010. And in that short span of time, it has established itself as one of the best LED lighting companies in India. Havells’ LED lighting solutions include spot lights, lamps, ceiling lights to name a few.


If you’ve ever driven an automobile made by Bajaj, you know how rugged and long lasting its products are. Luckily for all of us, when the firm decided to make LED lights, it brought together the same manufacturing ethics with itself to provide the best possible product to its consumers. The company has over 7 decades of experience in the lighting industry and it is easy to spot that in its LED lights. Just like its two and three wheelers, Bajaj’s LED lights are long-lasting and some of the longest lasting LED lights in India. Bajaj is definitely one of the best LED lighting companies in India.


From selling vegetable oil to computer solutions to LED lighting, Wipro has really seen it all in its ascension to being one of India’s LED lighting companies. Wipro provides LED lighting solutions for residential spaces, office spaces, and industries. The company is one of the fastest growing lighting firms in India and for good reasons. With its green yet efficient LED lighting solutions, the company boasts of a massive lighting portfolio for all kinds of uses. Also notable is Wipro’s offering of mixed LED lights that can provide color output from any conceivable color palate.


The company completed a century in the dry cell battery market in 2005. That goes on to show the reliability and quality of its products. And when Eveready decided to step into the LED lighting market, it was warmly welcomed by its loyal customer base. With LED lighting solutions as wide as the Amazon River, the company takes care of both urban and rural needs efficiently.


SYSKA is a testament to the fact that you don’t have to be a century old company to sell things. The firm is only about two decades old, and in that short span, it has managed to grab a sizeable market share of LED lighting. You might know the company from witty ads featuring Indian actor Irfan Khan. But even without them, the company stands as one of the best LED lighting companies in India. With smart innovation and products that are fairly priced, SYSKA has managed to grab millions of eyeballs for all good reasons.

Moser Baer

After being a world leader in manufacturing CDs and DVDs, Moser Baer decided to step into the LED lighting sphere. The company, that is reportedly worth Rs 19,000 crores also promised to save 50 MW of energy in two years. To fulfill its promise, the company presented a wide range of efficient LEDs that did the job without being too heavy on the customer’s electricity bills. We all know that LED lighting is perhaps the most efficient way of lighting today, and it is wonderful to see major companies like Moser Baer spreading awareness about it.


Surya is one of the biggest LED manufacturers in India with 50 different products in the Indian market right now. However, being a forward facing company, Surya has announced that it will launch 50 more products in the coming years. Solar LED lamps provide the best output along with a long life. More than that, they save up to 90 per cent of energy. The company’s manufacturing plant in NOIDA is one of the most sophisticated in the country.

Kwality Photonics Pvt Ltd

What better way to end the list than a thoroughly bred Indian company. Quality is the first Indian firm to set up LED manufacturing in the country. But more than that, it has the highest market share in the LED lighting business of all domestic companies. Established in 1966, the company is a quality manufacturer of LED lamps and LED displays.

So, there you have it. LED lighting has emerged as a prominent way of saving electrical energy. The government of India is making all possible efforts to educate people about the benefits of adopting LED lighting. And in such times, the role of these companies cannot be overlooked since they act as pivotal supply chains as the demand for LED increases in India.

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