‘Revenues prove success of new VAT system’

Member states of the European Union collected 20 billion euros in VAT revenue last year through new e-commerce VAT portals. According to the European Commission, this demonstrates the success of the new filing options.

Two years ago, the European Commission

ShipBob launches in the Netherlands

ShipBob’s global fulfillment platform is expanding to the Netherlands with the launch of a fulfillment center. The new fulfillment center is the company’s fifth European location. The company expects to start shipping parcels from the new location in July.


French campaign against Shein

French activists urge for legislative and regulatory measures against Shein, the fast fashion giant from China that is rapidly expanding in Europe. The activists are concerned about Shein’s impact on the planet. “Behind the €2 t-shirts or €9 dresses lies

Amazon uses AI to detect damaged items

Ecommerce giant Amazon is implementing artificial intelligence in twelve warehouses. The technology will screen items for damage before being shipped. This will reduce the amount of damaged items sent out and speed up picking and packing.

Currently, the online marketplace’s

Asos is raising 80 million pounds

British fashion platform Asos has successfully raised 75 million pounds (86.7 million euros) from institutional investors. Additionally, it has launched an equity raise of 5 million pounds (5.8 million euros) from retail investors. With the capital injection, the company wants