Amazon seeks Dutch distribution center

Amazon wants to open a distribution center in the Netherlands of 100,000 square meters. The e-commerce giant has been operating there since 2015 and has a Dutch online store since 2020. Currently, it delivers most orders from a delivery center

H&M expands its marketplace offering

H&M’s marketplace strategy is bearing fruit, according to CEO Helena Helmersson. The Swedish fashion giant is opening its doors to include more third-party brands.

Helmersson shared this information with Reuters after the publication of new figures. H&M’s revenue is on

‘Revenues prove success of new VAT system’

Member states of the European Union collected 20 billion euros in VAT revenue last year through new e-commerce VAT portals. According to the European Commission, this demonstrates the success of the new filing options.

Two years ago, the European Commission

Generative AI in Ecommerce: A Look Beyond Texts

Experimenting with generative artificial intelligence like ChatGPT may rather quickly lead to faster and more creative text ‘writing’, but the technology harbors many more opportunities for e-commerce. However, not without risk. Therefore, a look at strategy and concrete examples is

‘Price increases drive cross-border shopping’

Consumers’ pursuit of more affordable prices is fueling cross-border shopping behavior, according to a consumer study conducted by Worldline in six European countries.

The study reveals that about half of consumers regularly shop outside of their domestic market. “The primary

Swiss National Council rejects returns fee

Online stores in Switzerland will not be mandated to charge for the return of goods. The Swiss National Council has rejected a motion proposing a return fee. The obligation would be an encroachment on economic freedom.

National Council member Michael