Refurbed reaches €1 billion turnover

Austrian marketplace for refurbished electronics, Refurbed, has reached a financial milestone of 1 billion euros in turnover. The company is now active in eight markets.

Refurbed was founded in Austria in 2017. It is an online marketplace for refurbished electronics, and it claims that it is one of the fastest growing marketplaces of its kind in Europe. In 2021, the company raised 45 million euros to expand into new markets. It currently sells over more than 18,000 products in eight markets: the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Denmark.

Turnover of 100 million euros in 2020

Only three years ago, the company achieved a turnover of 100 million euros. “It has progressed very quickly in recent years”, said co-founder Peter Windischhofer. “This is a strong signal from the market that sustainability and the circular economy are on the rise. People are more aware that there are ways to reduce electronic waste and emit less CO2.”

‘Refurbishment of electronic devices can save up to 83% of CO2.’

Professional refurbishment of electronic devices can reduce the emission of CO2. According to research commissioned by Refurbed, refurbishment of these devices can save up to 83 percent of CO2.

Austrian awards

Last week, the company was also awarded the Austrian EY Scale-up Award, called ‘Scale-up Of The Year’. “We are proud that the positive developments around Refurbed are being seen. It helps us achieve our mission of making consumption more sustainable and providing a better alternative to new and used products. Ultimately, the circular economy and refurbishment should become the norm. We are proud of how things are going, but realize there is still a long way to go.”

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