Maker Faire Rome – The European edition and FAE Technology launch the contest “MY Maker PCBA: your electronics for a better planet” – Open Electronics

The initiative rewards the most innovative projects in areas related to environmental sustainability. FAE Technology will manufacture the electronic board prototypes for the top three winners.

The contest is organized in collaboration with FAE Technology SpA an innovative SME operating in the design, prototyping, engineering and production of integrated electronic solutions, announcing the launch of the contest “MY Maker PCBA: your electronics for a better planet“ in collaboration with “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition” and Farnell.

The initiative aims to collect and reward the best innovative projects related to electronics serving sustainable development. Participation is free and open to makers, companies, organizations, startups, associations, foundations and individuals of legal age, both Italian and foreign, who can submit their entries by 12:00 PM on September 15, 2023. The evaluation of the most valuable proposals will be conducted by a specially selected evaluation committee, which will meet and announce the winners by September 252023. Manuel Lobati, Innovation Manager at FAE Technology, is among the committee members appointed by the contest organizers.

As part of the eleventh edition of “Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition,” which will take place in Rome from October 20 to 22, 2023, and in which FAE Technology is a partner, the company will offer the winners the opportunity to present their innovative ideas within the FAE Technology space. A dedicated booth will be provided, featuring live gaming stations, demos, and augmented reality inspired by electronic system development activities. Furthermore, FAE Technology will produce the electronic boards developed based on the winning projects.


Gianmarco Lanza, President and CEO of FAE Technology, comments: “FAE Technology invests in fostering continuous synergy with innovative ecosystems, of which Maker Faire Rome and its community are a prime example. Particularly when innovation aims to generate a positive impact in terms of sustainability, as in the case of ‘MY Maker PCBA: your electronics for a better planet.’ Protecting the planet and improving the quality of life are the central elements of this contest and represent some of the greatest challenges of the present and future. Electronic technology is an increasingly essential tool to enable concrete solutions. For FAE Technology, it is particularly important to propose this initiative within a prominent platform for the European maker community like Maker Faire Rome.”

Gabriele Braga, Director of Marketing and Sales at FAE Technology, comments: “The realization of a prototype represents a strategic moment in electronic design, and it becomes even more complex for makers, especially when identifying an appropriate technological partner within budget constraints. Through the contest, FAE Technology aims to make the realization of the most innovative ideas accessible, reaffirming its commitment to innovators, startups, businesses and creatives by supporting the creation of new solutions and know-how. This commitment takes on a special meaning during Maker Faire, where we position ourselves as innovation facilitators.”


The contest’s theme, “Electronics for a better Planet,” covers areas such as agritech, circular economy, smart cities, mobility, electrification, and more. The evaluation criteria will include the degree of innovation, development, scalability and replicability of the project proposal, as well as its technical feasibility, efficiency and effectiveness in terms of improving environmental sustainability. Participants are required to submit an idea accompanied by a complete electronic project including diagrams, material lists, and Gerber construction files. FAE Technology will produce the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) for the winning entries. The contest is open to makers, including individuals and companies active in academia (students, researchers, professors), engineering, startups, art, and technological innovation, who operate in open design and participatory modes to create innovative electronic solutions.

Lorenzo Tagliavanti, President of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, states: “This initiative fully embodies the spirit of Maker Faire Rome, which is the ability to engage all innovation enthusiasts, particularly young people, as well as businesses, universities, and research institutions, in virtuous paths of co-design and learning. Our fairness is inclusive, making technology accessible to everyone, not just industry professionals. The objectives of the contest align perfectly with some of the key themes of the upcoming Maker Faire Rome in October, namely electronics, sustainability and circular economy: ideas for a better world.”


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