How to Build the Best Optical Shop in Singapore

If you have made up your mind to build the best optical shop in Singapore, you’re going to want to do what’s in your control to make this big dream a reality.

That is, not merely “wanting good sales” but actually “tearing it out there.”

You have to have a strong base before you go to battle. Here’s your cheat sheet to sharpen up your optical sales strategies to top shape.

Let’s go!

Expert-Backed Tips to Build the Best Optical Shop in Singapore

1) Hire Expert Opticians:

This is probably the most important factor that will be your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) properly optical inventory management.

Your patient’s eyesight should be the focus of your expert eye care specialists’ attention.

They must have a thorough understanding of client requirements and be able to suggest specific eyewear. To take care of their eyes, they need to be trained and certified.

This will promote trust and strengthen your base for creating significant money as the best optical shop in Singapore during the ensuing years.

To keep your employees on the front edge of clinical care, lens technology, and innovation, you must invest in ongoing training for them.

The best part? The features and hotkeys are customizable according to your needs. And you get a dedicated Account Manager 24*7 to resolve any issues

2) Leverage Retail Design Principles:

Best Optical Shop in Singapore

This along with robust Optical Software makes a significant difference in transforming your optical store in Singapore from an ordinary one to one that is truly spectacular.

Best Optical Shop in Singapore

Give special attention to these:

Lighting is a crucial component to build the best optical shop in Singapore.

  • Too little light and your frames won’t pop in an appealing way. Too much light and customers will be turned off by the harsh glare of your displays.
  • Use light to draw eyes to your frames. And in the negative space between products use shadow to tell customers to keep on moving to the next section.

Displays and parts of your showroom should be organized in groups of three.

  • A pyramid display is an eye-catching approach to providing a focal point for your exhibit.
  • Less significant items “appear to cascade” down from the centerpiece.

3) Be Driven By Innovation, Technology & Cause:

the optical shop ideas of defining your practice’s mission additionally helps you to choose frame and lens lines.

for example,

  • If your practice’s mission is to serve your patients with cutting-edge technology and exceptional eyecare…
  • You can convey this aim by using frame materials composed of unusual materials such as driftwood, castor oil, and NASA-developed heat/cold resistance materials.

To establish your strong feet as the best optical shop in Singapore, this strategy will play a major role.

You can take advantage of a comprehensive optical shop management solution like Ari Optical POS Singapore for implementing this strategy.


  • It will help your customers learn about, appreciate, and experience your innovations and technical breakthroughs connected with greater causes.
  • It will help you by categorizing different frame and lens lines in inventory, store multiple patient prescriptions with images, create new-age marketing campaigns and so much more.
  • The best part? The features and hotkeys of the POS System in Singapore are customizable according to your needs. And you get a dedicated Account Manager 24*7 to resolve any issues.

You can use Ari Optical POS for absolutely free for 30 days. Try it out, and you will never want to go back!

4) Identify a Few Effective KPIs:

These are two important but underrated KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can potentially boost your yearly practice growth in Singapore and the profitability of patient visits.

a) Per-Patient Revenue Optimization

  • This KPI may be divided into sales of eyeglasses, contacts, specialized contact lens fittings, and other products in your practice. It’s crucial to further divide patient meetings into medical and non-medical visits.
  • Compare your results to industry averages, a similar figure from the previous month, and the same number from the same period last year.
  • You can optimize the rates accordingly after these analyses.

b) Insurance Revenue Analysis

  • Not all plans are profitable enough for you to continue accepting.
  • Drop a couple of the low-yielding ones after analysis.

It is critical to examine data and analytics in order to become the best optical shop in Singapore.

So take advantage of Ari Optical Shop PO which offers data such as Customer Data and Purchase History, Day-wise Cash Reports, Date-wise Consolidated Sales Reports, and much more.

Ari POS System for Small Business makes it easier than ever to implement, track, and optimize amazing KPIs!

5) Recognizable Frame and Lens Line Differentiation:

The trend toward online purchases, as well as the danger of competition from huge retail chains, is here to stay in Singapore.

To compete with these much better-financed competitors, you must employ unique strategies like this one.

Frame and Lens line differentiation essentially imply:

  • Carrying frame or lens lines that are specific to your practice.
  • Displaying such frames or lenses in such a way that their tales, creativity, and manufacturing attributes are visible to optical customers and provide value.

When you introduce a new frame line or lens line, it should convey a story and serve a certain purpose. Understand the tales and train staff to tell them to your optical patients. An optical billing Software for Optical Shops can be beneficial for you for this.

Use this strategy with proper planning and execution to improve your optical capture rate.

This will help you in positioning your store as the best optical shop in Singapore that stands out while still being easy and convenient to purchase from.

A few examples are…

Best Optical Shop in Singapore

You can go for quirky, classic, bold hues, metals, or chunky. For Prolonged Computer Use, Nighttime Driving, Presbyopia, Bibliophiles, Outdoor Lovers (Light Intelligent Lenses), or Sports Lovers.

Knowing your demographics will help you determine the overall number of items you should buy from each line.

For nailing this strategy with demographic data in Singapore, you need to have advanced software like Ari Optical POS Singapore.


  • Its customer profile interface saves important demographic information about each optical customer.
  • The software helps you manage and track all data for “Primary” members and their entire family tree with just a single click of a button.
  • You can use “Promotions Grouping” to color code promotions for each frame from any line on offer.
  • You can print gift cards and vouchers for different frames or lens lines instantly with the help of POS.

Final Words

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so keep grinding in the right direction with the strategies you found here, and you will be able to build the best optical shop in Singapore.

You can use Ari Optical POS for absolutely free for 30 days. Try it out, and you will never want to go back!

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