Guilford mainstay Evergreen Fine Crafts marks 40 years

Guilford mainstay Evergreen Fine Crafts marks 40 years

GUILFORD — In this tiny gift shop you’ll find everything from a handmade piece of pottery for a wedding gift or a stylish cashmere cardigan to “Poop Bingo,” a hugely popular game for little ones.

Evergreen Fine Crafts, a mainstay in the town Green, just turned 40, with 30 years at its current location on Boston Street. Co-owner Sharon Silvestrini said support from townspeople is the key to the shop’s longevity.

“They don’t want a town with empty buildings,” she said about her customers. “They are so supportive of us — all of us.”

Folks come to the store in a good mood, too. “I never get crabby people in this store,” she added. “And there are hardly any returns … for these thousands of boxes that went out at Christmas time.”

Their sales approach is low-key: “We both don’t push,” Silvestrini said. “But I think we’re just so approachable and we know we’re loved here.”

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