Best Billing Software for Optical Shops

What is the best billing software for optical shops? Ari Optical POS.

Let’s find out why.

Optical shop owners like you already have a lot to deal with on your plate, and Ari understands the challenges you face…

Thousands of optical store retailers have relied on Ari POS, to take charge of their billing processes.

But what are the specific business advantages of the best billing system for optical shops?

Let’s explore.

Ari Advantage: The Best Billing Software for Optical Shops

1) Unique Customer Ids:

  • Add multiple prescriptions with images for a “Primary member” and their related people with unique customer Ids. Get easy access to all information in the “Family”, “Prescriptions” and “Orders” sections.
  • The “Primary member” can order or collect a frame/lens for their registered family members.
  • When you enter a customer ID, the dashboard will reflect the status of the purchase, order history, and the customer’s registered family tree.
  • The name of the eye doctor who issued the customer’s prescription is also displayed.

2) Distinct Custom Order Ids:

  • Use “Link products” for making custom orders by including add-ons to upsell. Each “Custom Order” will have distinct order IDs for easy tracking.
  • Custom Orders come with a “List Sorting” option in the best billing software for optical shops for tracking pending order balances, order statuses, and managing pending collections.
  • To keep track of repairs, there is an option for registering “Repair” as a new product and then auto-filling the information with the customer ID.

3) Our Billing Software for Optical Shops Provides Multiple Payment Options:

Billing Software for Optical Shops
  • When you provide consumers with a variety of payment alternatives, you can serve them better.
  • You can effortlessly handle payments made with cash, cards, digital transfers, vouchers and gift cards with the Ari Optical Software.
  • Also, Ari supports multiple currencies and languages.
  • When a cashier generates a receipt, it is printed in both English and your preferred language to improve customer experience.

4) Taxes and Discounts:

  • When all debit and credit card information is input into Ari POS, it automatically calculates the amount and integrates all data to make fresh invoices in a professional manner.
  • It allows the application of taxes automatically in accordance with local legislation.
  • Ari, the best billing software for optical shops supports both single and multi-level taxes, as well as tax-free transactions.
  • Discounts can be applied using back-end office rules or custom discounts provided by the salesperson. A discount approval workflow is also available.
  • In the bill, all relevant information is given. It displays the total cost, the applicable tax, possible discounts, and the quantity.

5) Ari’s Billing Software for Optical Shops Offers Faster Transactions:

  • The screen displays both the bill and the items list at the same time for convenience. There is also connectivity for customer displays ensuring transparency.
  • The intuitive design easily allows one to browse the product from the search option with filters, resulting in a quick purchase.
  • Ari not only provides barcode scanner support but also RFID support. This makes the physical stock calculation facility.
  • In the case of multiple partial payments, the amount paid as well as the balance amount is shown. In order to alert the cashier, it would be denoted by red color.
  • Ari POS can be connected with thermal and non-thermal printers to print receipts.

You can also try Ari POS absolutely free for 30 days.

6) Our Billing Software for Optical Shops Provides Quick-Buttons:

  • The cashier can accept advance payments for prescription-based glasses or lenses by using the ‘Layaway’ button.
  • The cashier can stop a payment while continuing to serve another client by using the ‘Hold’ button provided by the best billing software for optical shops.
  • You can also customize a Quick Button in the Back-office. Quick Buttons can be created for products, customer groups, product categories, action events, or even any payment method.

7) User-Friendly POS Displays:

  • The touch-screen interface of the Optical POS allows the optical store staff to effortlessly tap around for a super-fast speed.
  • All of the features are visible on the application’s surface, and no digging is necessary to discover the desired functionality.
  • When you choose a product in the left part, Ari POS software displays all of its details in the right section.

8) User-Level Access:

Billing Software for Optical Shops
  • You can add POS-enabled cash drawer access with Ari, optical inventory management software. Only when a transaction occurs will the cashier be able to open the drawers.
  • Control your employees by granting them user permissions. Individually-approved login makes it simple to track your employees’ sales, till usage, and cash register modifications.
  • Each user has a unique username and password, as well as a certain position and ability. Sales commission staff can also be determined using POS system information.
  • Each till is assigned to a cashier, who must close the till every time the shift changes. The system tracks the total sales made by a cashier in this manner.
  • The system provides reports for each till which are accessible through POS.

9) Ari’s Billing Software for Optical Shops Offers Reports:

  • A variety of reports are available to you for daily sales, sales by store, consolidated sales reports by date, customer information and purchase history, loyalty ledgers, and much more.
  • Ari, the best billing software for optical shops handles and stores internal transactions, such as those that occur from one to another. This data is also saved in the reports area.

10) Data & History of Purchases:

  • Data and information from the Optical POS System are synchronized in real-time with the back-end office.
  • Any changes made in the back office are quickly reflected at the POS level. The software is internet independent.
  • Every customer’s relevant data is kept in a single database. Get a 30-day Free Trail of Ari POS.
  • Ari can even trace the payment if a consumer uses two distinct payment methods for a single transaction.

11) Coupons, Gift Cards, Promotions, and Loyalty Programs:

  • The optical store manager can offer deals on different purchased products. And each offer can be denoted with a specific color and those colors will be reflected along the displayed frames.
  • You can use built-in promotion templates or create your own. Also, use MailChimp, the email integration tool for email marketing.
  • Print vouchers and gift cards with unique serial numbers directly from the POS system and manage the vouchers to grow optical sales.
  • The cashier is free to assign any value to the gift card based on the situation. He also has the option of exchanging gift vouchers for items returned by customers.
  • Ari, provides a loyalty program, where your customers can redeem points by simply asking the cashier to enter their information. They can redeem their points at any of your locations.


A multifaceted combination of transactions and processes, business requires a lot of computation and repetitive effort.

Every firm must consider billing as a critical component. Numerous bills and invoices related to the optical products that clients purchase at your optical shop are created and presented to them on a daily basis.

Tracking and organizing these costs can take a lot of effort when done manually.

Therefore, you must use Ari POS, the finest billing software for optical shops, to automate the billing and transaction procedures for your optical store.

There are several benefits to using Ari POS for your optical business; in this informative article, we cover some of Ari’s most important advantages.

So, if you want to speak with a Retail POS professional about you optical business needs and how Ari may help, schedule a free 1:1 consultation.

You can also try Ari POS absolutely free for 30 days.

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