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Have you ever ever questioned why smartphones are referred to as smartphones? As a result of they’re good, proper? They do some jobs routinely, intelligently. That is the quick reply. For instance, cell phones have an computerized brightness management system, which may be very helpful. However for unknown causes, computer systems haven’t got an computerized brightness management system. To vary the brightness, every time it’s important to press some buttons (operate keys). And on some computer systems, some key mixtures work (normally fn + operate key).


To beat this drawback, a easy machine has been designed that may be linked to any PC and the brightness of the PC shall be managed routinely, identical to our telephones.


The system was constructed on PCB however it’s potential to simply construct it with exterior jumpers given the simplicity of the circuit. That is made up of an Arduino Professional Micro, however you should utilize the Nano or no matter you need, an LDR photoresistor and a 1KΩ resistor.

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