Auto EV India 2.0: Travel into the Future of Mobility

Experience the Disruptive Automotive and EV Technologies Live. Second Edition of Auto EV India 2023 is going to take you to the next level of Mobility Technologies

Next Level of Automotive and EV Technologies

Automotive industry is likely to go into some offbeat directions now on. The revolution is reshaping our world with innovations in both electric vehicles and the automotive at a fast pace. 300 plus miles on a single charge, high-speed charging in under 10 minutes, adoption of common standards by the entire ecosystem, battery innovations such as silicon anodes and solid-state, driving more integrated and intelligent energy consumption, energy repository for users, whether on the road or in their homes are some of the next levels of automotive and EV technologies.

Composite materials ie sheet-moulded carbon are making the most of an infinitely recyclable material, ADAS systems paving the way toward greater autonomous capabilities, interconnectivity between cars and the grid, public charging infrastructure technology solutions will overthrow the conventional ways of traveling.

Thermal management and adaptation to various climates across the globe, electric motor, regenerative braking to save every bit of energy while driving, which is something that could be leveraged by carmakers in the future to build even more efficient passenger cars.

Some of the newest technologies are going to surprise you

BMW i Vision Dee can change colors like a chameleon though limited to just black and white shades. At i Vision Dee, ie Digital Emotional Experience, where users can customize the car’s exterior color to express their style. Drivers can select driving-related information, or can also have a virtual experience with a black-out window.

Qualcomm unveiled its Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC which brings low-power, advanced computing capabilities, including digital cockpit and ADAS. Going beyond in-car infotainment, it can unlock in-vehicle experiences, such as the partnership with SalesForce, to offer a one-click over-the-air (OTA) upgrade for new features, buying tickets for a show, parking tickets, or even reserving a table at a restaurant on the go.

Stellantis debuts futuristic Peugeot Inception & Ram 1500 EV Truck – The all-electric concept car can go 500 miles or 800 km on a single charge. It features an innovative Hyper-square control system that is inspired by video games, replacing the traditional steering wheel with an all-digital electric control. The concept EV will also feature Level 4 autonomous driving with a next-gen i-Cockpit.

Hyundai Mobis showed off its future mobility technology by presenting the M Vision to a purpose-built autonomous shuttle concept for public transport. The self-driving electric vehicle is equipped with four pillars having radars, sensors and cameras. Packing more tech, it will also have mixed reality (MR) displays, e-corner modules and LiDARs integrated into the pillars.

Live technology demos

At Auto EV Expo 2023, visitors have the opportunity to get close to the technology they hear about. It’s where you can attend a presentation on the latest and upcoming technologies and then see it up close, in use, with machines right across the hall. Live demos at Auto EV Expo 2023 give you an exclusive look at current and emerging technology and how it’s being used. Live demos on the show floor and presentations in the conferences give you an exclusive look at current and emerging technology. Get real time answers to your technology questions.

A must visit for the engineers working on automotive and EV design

Design teams need a cost-effective design solution to meet safety, reliability and performance specifications. Designers have numerous challenges to overcome as hybrids and EVs become more popular. Charging Infrastructure, Less Efficient Batteries and Restricted Driving Range, EV Reliability as the Power components such as motors, batteries and power electronics are vulnerable to environmental stress including mechanical shocks and temperature variations, making powertrain reliability a key challenge for designers.

Moreover, the ability of the microcontroller to optimize power efficiency for a different component of the EV as long-term design flexibility is dependent on high- to low-end designs, Power Semiconductors challenges include functioning in high-voltage and high-frequency modes, operating with high thermal conductivity and less on-state resistance are such challenges. Design engineers will get to know all this and more from the horses’ mouth.

A must visit for the automakers, OEMs, Tier 1 & 2

There is no question that businesses in the automotive industry rely on their supply chains. Without a well-run supply chain, operations stop and time and money are lost. The Automotive industry depends heavily on the manufacture and distribution of components and parts – operate their supply chain on a tier system which puts a lot of importance on Time Critical delivery. This helps to keep things simple for all those involved, from supply chain director to purchasing manager, and ensures parts are delivered in a timely fashion. The entire operation intertwines the interests of automakers, OEMs, Tier 1 & 2 suppliers precisely and gathering them in one place serves their purpose perfectly.

500+ leading technology brands from nine countries display cutting edge technologies

500+ leading technology brands from nine countries will showcase the cutting-edge technologies at Auto EV India. The traditional leaders in automotive technologies like Germany, USA, Japan, the UK and China will showcase the employable and futuristic technologies with live demos at the show. So, stay ahead in technology space. Being the only comprehensive show, Auto EV India, attempts to bring about the entire ecosystem of automotive space at one place. The technologies displayed here are generally difficult to find in any other exhibition in India.

At Auto EV India, Technology is the name of the game

Gasoline to hybrid to electric to hydrogen and what not – the automotive technologies are ever changing. At Auto EV India, technology is the name of the game. Don’t miss visiting the show.

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