A teenager who always wants a sibling freak out after learning his mom is pregnant: ‘Are you joking?’

Sharing baby news with your family is always exciting, but one mom-to-be recently got the best reaction from none other than her teenage daughter.

In a TikTok shared by @peytonsams29, the teen gasps and then jumps for joy after opening a card that reads, “Congrats, you’re going to be a big sister!”

As an only child who had always wanted a sibling, this was pretty much a dream come true. But little did she know, things were about to get even better.

A gender reveal soon showed that her mom was having a baby boy — more news that caused the teen to jump up and down happily. And then came the biggest shock of all: A follow-up trip to the doctor showed there was a second baby: A girl!

“Are you joking?” she asks her mom in total shock. “Wait, you’re joking?”

“No, it’s twins!” her mom confirms.

The sweet clip has racked up more than 3 million views and a ton of comments from people touched by the teen’s reaction.

“awww i’m so excited for youuu,” wrote one person.

“love this,” said another.

Many people told Peyton that she’s going to make an amazing big sister, while others shared stories of their own about large sibling age gaps.

“I have a twin sister and we were 17 when our brother was born,” one TikToker shared. “He changed our lives. There is no love like it.”

“My daughter is 16 and my son is 4 months,” another mom wrote. “She always wanted me to have another baby and she was amazing with him.”

“im 18 years older than my youngest sister and she and I are attached,” said someone else. “you’ll love it.”

And then there were those already waiting for a second part to this video.

“I’m invested,” one person admitted. “I want to see her with them now.”

According to Peyton, she’ll definitely be updating her page once the twins are born this August. Until then, she’ll be eagerly anticipating their arrival.

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