19 Box Braid Hairstyles You’ll Love

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Try out these stunning box braid hairstyles for a new look!

Have you been dying to try out a box braids hairstyle, but want something unique and fun? This post has all the inspiration you need to find your perfect look.

We’ve talked about box braids on CF before (see: My Experience with Box Braids), and today we’re sharing tons of ways to rock this protective hairstyle.

Before deciding on which box braids look you want to try, you should consider a few things. For example, do you want to add some color to your braids? Do you want to have larger braids or smaller braids? Also, do you want to use a specific braiding technique? It’s all up to you and your aesthetic.

There are so many types of looks that you can get with box-braid hairstyles, as you’ll learn below! The options really are endless.

So, if you are interested in finding a braided style that works perfectly for you, check out this list of 19 gorgeous box-braid hairstyles that you will love!

Box Braids Hairstyles

1. Braided Updos

If you are looking to do a box braid updo, I totally recommend this one! For this look, you will turn your braids into a super fun updo that will be perfect for an everyday look or a fun event.

Just check out this video tutorial to see exactly how to get this look — it makes your box braids look so cool and unique.

2. Auburn Box Braids

Another trick you can do with box braids is to add different hair shades to them. For example, a great shade to try is auburn!

Auburn looks gorgeous when woven into box braids, so if you want something a little different to add to your box braid look, I highly recommend trying this out. (And if auburn isn’t your vibe, I’ll share even more color options below!)

3. Red Box Braids

Another great color option for box braids is red! Red has been a trendy hair color recently, and it looks so cool and fun when woven into box braids.

So, the next time you want to try out a trendy colored hair that looks like red, I recommend adding it to your braids for a style that will turn your head wherever you go. It’s a great way to show off your personality while rocking your braids.

4. Knotless Box Braids

If you are a beginner at box braids, you might want to watch this knotless box braids hair tutorial!

This will give you a simple box braid look that you can learn how to do before trying some of the more complicated box braid looks. These braids are simple and neat, perfect for doing it yourself if you want to save some money.

5. Beaded Box Braids

Another super popular box braids hair look is box braids with beads.

If you have never tried this hair look, you should check out this video to see all the details on how to add beads to get this gorgeous and fun look! The best part is, you can choose the colors and styles of beads you like for a completely personalized hairstyle.

6. Claw Clip Box Braid Hairstyles

If you love the trendy claw clip hair looks we’ve all seen everywhere, great news: You can totally rock a claw clip with box braids!

Just watch this video tutorial to see a couple of different examples of what you can try. My favorite is the half-up, half-down style on the right, above. It’s so chic and pretty!

7. Box Braids Low Bun

If you want a box braids updo for an occasion or just to get your hair off your neck in the warmer months, another great option is a low bun! A low bun box braid look is a quick and simple way to do your hair in the morning.

So, if you need a box-braid hairstyle for everyday wear, watch this tutorial to have this style ready to go on a busy morning.

8. Colored Box Braids

If you really want to add something extra to your box braids look, you can also make your box braids a bright color like this gorgeous green!

While we talked about bright red box braids above, you shouldn’t be limited to traditional hair colors. As the video above proves, you can make any unique hair color work with box braids, so go wild and express your personality.

9. Criss Cross Box Braids

You can also add something fun to your box braids look by incorporating a fun design! For example, try this criss-cross technique to get a super fun box braids look that keeps your hair off your face.

I’m honestly obsessed with this look. It’s so pretty and looks especially stunning with the purple hair she’s rocking!

10. Checkered Box Braids

Another really cool option if you want to add something fun to your box braids look is checkered box braids!

If you’ve never tried checkered box braids before, it’s basically when you section off your hair into two sides. Then, you add in a color to one side by your scalp, then add in color to the end on the other side. This will give you the illusion of having a checkered hair look.

If you love this look, watch this video to see how it’s done! Again, you can use any hair color for this look, so go wild and express your personality.

11. Goddess Box Braids

For those of us who love the look of curls but also want to add some braids to our hair look, you totally can with this goddess box braids look!

For this hairstyle, you will add curled hair to your braids. This gives you so much volume and makes your style look so glam. Perfect if you want a “best of both worlds” kind of braided style.

12. Peekaboo Box Braids

Another option for adding some color to your box braids is this peekaboo box braids look! To achieve this style, you will be adding a bright color (like pink, purple, or blue) to the underneath part of your hair.

This will look super cool if you like to put your hair up in a fun box braids updo or ponytail because the color will really stand out!

13. Brown Box Braids

If you want to add different shades to your box braids but want something subtle and natural, I recommend it adding shades of brown to your box braids.

This box braids look has a bohemian, relaxed vibe that’s so stunning, especially if you like to wear lots of neutral colors. It’s a combo of the goddess braids above, mixed with some color, so it’s perfect if you like both looks and want to combine them.

14. Space Buns with Box Braids

If you are looking for a fun box braids updo, you will love it this take on space buns!

If you have never tried doing a space bun hairstyle with box braids, just check out this quick tutorial to see all the details on how to get the look.

15. Jumbo Box Braids

If you want to have larger and fewer box braids, then I recommend this jumbo box braids look. To get this look, you will be using larger sections of your hair to create your braids. This saves time and gives you stunning chunky braids that have a lot of volume.

If you’ve never tried jumbo box braids before, this video will show you everything you need to know to nail this variation on the style.

16. Triangle Braids

Another type of braid that has a similar technique to box braids is the triangle braid hairstyle. This is a good alternative to box braids that will basically give you the same type of braids with a different look at the scalp. It’s really detailed and fun, perfect for pairing with a color as seen above.

To get these braids, you will be sectioning off your hair into triangles to get a braided hair look. Watch the video to see how it’s done!

17. Multicolored Box Braids

For those who want something that will make your hair stand out, I recommend going for it multicolored box braids!

As shown in this video, multicolored box braids will give you a super fun look. It’s perfect if you have an edgy vibe or just can’t choose which color you like the best.

18. Box Braids Ponytails

Another great box braid updo hairstyle is this box braids ponytail. This is another option for an everyday look that is simple and easy!

Just watch this video tutorial to see exactly how to get a super cute ponytail with box braids.

19. Braided Bob

Finally, if you want a shorter box braids look, you can totally get that too! This braided bob hairstyle is SUCH a cute way to rock box braids without having to style and maintain tons of extra length.

With this look, you will have a super cute bob hairdo with shorter braids!

Which box braid hairstyle will you be trying?

Which hairstyle is your favorite from this list? What type of box braids do you think looks the best on you?

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