One Cease Answer by PCBWay – Open Electronics

PCBWay now presents a full turnkey contract manufacturing service with its strategic alliance companions together with product design, product growth, engineering validation, PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Meeting) manufacturing service and provide chain administration. Primarily targeted on EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service)

3D Print Sensors for Satellites

MIT scientists have created the primary utterly digitally manufactured plasma sensors for orbiting spacecraft. These plasma sensors, also called retarding potential analyzers (RPAs), are utilized by satellites to find out the chemical composition and ion power distribution of the ambiance.

Top 10 Thermocouple Manufacturers in the USA

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor with applications ranging across industries and is used to measure temperature in extreme environments.

The thermocouple market in the USA is witnessing significant growth and is expected to increase by 13.2% globally between 2023

Top 10 Thermocouple Manufacturers in India

The electronics industry in India is expected to increase exponentially in its manufacturing potential in the next decade. With policies like “Make in India” at the forefront of development, India is emerging as a hub of electronic components and equipment