Fulfillment company Helpship acquired by euShipments

Romanian ecommerce fulfillment provider Helpship has been acquired by euShipments, a Bulgarian logistics company for online sellers. Thanks to the acquisition, euShipments can strengthen its presence in the Romanian market.

Helpship is a fulfillment company from Romania. It was founded in 2016. According to the company, it has shipped 950,000 orders over the years.

euShipments raised €7.5 million last year

Now, the Romanian company has been acquired by the Bulgarian ecommerce logistics company euShipments. Last year, euShipments raised 7.5 million euros to accelerate its growth and expand internationally. A first step in that expansion was the acquisition of Croatian fulfillment provider Pick & Pack, six months ago.

With the acquisition of Helpship, euShipments can strengthen its position in the Romanian market. It wants to offer new cross-border shipping services and faster transit times to outside countries in Europe.

‘Improve operations in strategic places’

“The business ideology of euShipments.com is to solve the logistics problems of online merchants. Therefore, it is important for us to follow the path of shipments and improve our operations in strategic places”, said Svetlozar Dimitrov, CEO of euShipments.

‘With its favorable location, Helpship is a perfect fit for our business development.’

“Helpship as a high-quality fulfillment operator, together with its extremely favorable location, is a perfect fit for our business development purposes. With the financial support and mentorship from BlackPeak Capital, this acquisition allows us to position ourselves strongly at the gateway between Eastern and Western Europe, which is an invaluable advantage for our international e-commerce customers.”

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