Amazon unpackaged returns possible in parcel lockers

Amazon unpackaged returns possible in parcel lockers

German consumers will soon be able to place unpackaged returns for Amazon in DHL parcel lockers. Amazon and DHL have been working together on unpackaged returns since October 2022. Now, the service is being expanded.

As of October last year, consumers in Germany are able to return their Amazon products in the original factory packaging at DHL points. The DHL points have specific paper bags, in which the product will be packed. Customers need to show a QR code created by Amazon, after which the DHL point can print a label and ship the product to Amazon.

Responding to customer demands

Now, Amazon and DHL are expanding this return service in Germany. DHL couriers will carry paper bags with them to wrap the items and place a return label on it. “From June 2023, unpackaged returns will be possible in all DHL parcel shops and at all DHL parcel lockers”, wrote Swiss Post in an internal message to branch partners. The Deutsche Post subsidiary DHL is thus responding to customer demand.

More than 13 million unpackaged returns have already been processed.

“The service has been very well received by customers and has therefore been expanded to include the formats mentioned. Since the launch on October 10th2022, more than 13 million unpackaged returns have already been accepted in our branch network.”

Service takes up a lot of space

If parcel shops want to offer the return service, Amazon requires them to be equipped with mailing bags to pack the returned items in. In addition, all the items returned were gathered in large boxes, which were shipped within 7 days. Some DHL shop owners have rated the service negatively, because of the space these large boxes take up and the additional effort required.

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