Top 10 Electric Bicycle Companies in India

Electric bicycle manufacturers play a crucial role in advancing sustainable development in India, contributing to the promotion of a greener and more environmentally conscious transportation system. E-bikes predominantly rely on battery power, utilizing a variety of battery types. Depending on the specific battery employed, different electric bicycles offer distinct engine capabilities, resulting in a range of speeds. The E-bike Market is anticipated to achieve a valuation of USD 2.08 million by 2026, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.69% between 2021 and 2026. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decline in e-bike sales in India. In 2020, market revenue reached US$1.02 million, compared to US$1.70 million in 2019. This reduction in sales can be attributed to the nationwide lockdown and economic downturn experienced throughout India.

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1. Nibe E-motor Limited

Nibe E-motor Limited is a renowned company that specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly electric vehicles, primarily targeting the two-wheeler market. With a well-established division responsible for design, development, manufacturing, and trade, Nibe E-motor Limited ensures a diverse range of electric vehicles. The company is committed to delivering superior quality e-bikes and electricals that align with its core values ​​of sustainability. By providing green mobility solutions, Nibe E-motor Limited caters to individuals seeking active and environmentally conscious lifestyles.

2. Hero Lectro E-Cycles

Hero Lectro E-cycles, a subsidiary of Hero Cycles Limited, is a distinguished manufacturer of bicycles and sporting goods, recognized for its strong market presence. The company specializes in a diverse array of products, including e-cycles, cargo e-bikes, and her-cycles, each equipped with various modes such as pedelec, throttle, cruise, and pedal modes. Committed to continuous innovation, Hero Lectro E-cycles strives to enhance the e-biking experience by offering seamless and convenient solutions. Their primary focus revolves around introducing cutting-edge, eco-friendly, high-speed, battery-assisted models that revolutionize mobility and facilitate easy short-distance commutes across India.

3. eAdicct Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

eAdicct Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic technology start-up dedicated to establishing a worldwide presence for sustainable technologies through the development of innovative solutions for personal mobility. With a remarkable portfolio of over 35 patents in the realm of electric and hybrid vehicle technology, as well as alternative energy, the company is at the forefront of technological advancements. Additionally, eAdicct Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is actively engaged in projects involving IoT-based systems, power trains for two and three-wheelers, artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the automotive sector, hybrid conversion kits for mopeds, advanced battery technology, and more.

4. EMotorad

EMotorad (EM) has established a notable reputation in the EV industry as a longstanding manufacturer of top-tier electric bicycles. Their extensive lineup of electric cycles is thoughtfully crafted to cater to diverse customer preferences and deliver an exceptional riding experience. Whether it’s embarking on thrilling adventures or daily commuting, EMotorad e-bikes are designed to excel in both scenarios while remaining affordable. Notably, EMotorad e-bikes are equipped with cutting-edge components and technology, resulting in a quieter riding experience. This commitment to quality has positioned EMotorad as one of the leading electric bicycle brands in India.

5. Motovolt

Motovolt (MV) stands out as a premier provider of intelligent e-bikes renowned for their superior quality and an array of advanced features. As a result, MV has earned its esteemed status as one of the finest electric bicycle manufacturers in both India and globally. Motovolt’s electric cycles offer an exhilarating riding experience with their powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 25 mph, providing riders with a thrilling and enjoyable journey. Additionally, their e-bikes boast a unique pedal-assist system, allowing riders to effortlessly tailor the intensity of their journey. Complementing the powerful motor, Motovolt electric cycles incorporate cutting-edge components such as lithium-ion batteries and regenerative brakes, effectively reducing operational costs.

6. Trek Bicycle Corporation

Trek Bicycle Corporation is a leading provider of a wide range of products, including helmets, shoes, road bikes, men’s bikes, lights, mountain bikes, women’s bikes, equipment, and jerseys. The meticulous manufacturing and distribution of these products are carried out under prestigious brand names such as Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Diamant Bikers, and Bontrager. At the forefront of innovation, Trek Bicycle Corporation’s dedicated research and development (R&D) center continually strives to enhance the quality and performance of its offerings. By consistently evaluating and enhancing product designs, and incorporating the latest features and technologies, Trek Bicycle Corporation ensures their customers receive top-tier performance and quality.


SK EBICYCLE LLP is a cutting-edge Limited Liability Partnership firm that leads the way in the domain of sustainable technology. Established in 2017, the company focuses on electrical machinery manufacturing with a special emphasis on crafting urban electric bikes. These bikes are meticulously designed to embody elegance, ergonomic comfort, and lightweight construction, reflecting SK EBICYCLE LLP’s commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility.

8. SS Electric Vehicles

SS Electric Vehicles is a renowned expert in the field of high-end electric vehicles, dedicated to combating air and noise pollution through the provision of cleaner and sustainable transportation solutions. The comprehensive range of products they offer includes e-loaders, e-cargo vehicles, electric tricycles, e-rickshaws, electric bicycles, conversion kits, and spare parts for electric vehicles (EVs). Notably, the company places equal emphasis on both battery-powered and manual pedal-driven electric vehicles, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs.

9. Electron Cycles

Electron Cycles is a prominent manufacturer of electric bicycles that combines cutting-edge design and technology. The company prides itself on providing electric bicycles that excel in areas such as extended range per charge, superior comfort, and enhanced convenience through integration with the Internet of Things (IoT). By incorporating top-quality components, advanced materials, global positioning systems (GPS), and a range of world-class features, Electron Cycles ensures an unparalleled riding experience. The organization maintains a strong commitment to producing environmentally friendly products that actively reduce carbon footprints and contribute to the overall well-being of society.

10. Nexzu

Nexzu Mobility, a rising force among electric cycle manufacturers in India, presents a diverse selection of electric cycles meticulously designed to fulfill the unique requirements of customers. With the integration of advanced components and innovative features, Nexzu electric cycles set themselves apart. Noteworthy attributes include a dual battery system, a cold rolled steel frame, and a removable battery. The dual battery system grants Nexzu electric cycles an extended range of up to 100 km per charge. Complementing the advanced components, these electric cycles feature dual disc brakes for optimal stopping power, a front suspension system for enhanced riding comfort, and a multitude of health benefits. Nexzu Mobility is committed to delivering exceptional performance and convenience through its state-of-the-art electric cycle offerings.


The electric bicycle market in India is undergoing an impressive surge, driven by the growing demand for sustainable and effective transportation solutions. In this article, we highlight the pioneering electric bicycle manufacturers who are at the forefront of this revolution. These manufacturers are dedicated to crafting innovative electric bicycles that cater to diverse consumer preferences. With a strong commitment to eco-friendly technology and a focus on delivering exceptional performance, these companies are reshaping the landscape of two-wheeler mobility in India. Electric bicycles have garnered significant popularity among environmentally conscious individuals who seek greener and healthier travel alternatives for their daily commutes, leisure activities, and sports endeavors.

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