Attracting and Retaining eCommerce Clients

In the event you’re an entrepreneur seeking to construct an ecommerce enterprise, attracting prospects (after which retaining their loyalty) with a lot competitors can usually really feel like an uphill wrestle. Luckily, establishing your self within the digital house is

H&M expands its marketplace offering

H&M’s marketplace strategy is bearing fruit, according to CEO Helena Helmersson. The Swedish fashion giant is opening its doors to include more third-party brands.

Helmersson shared this information with Reuters after the publication of new figures. H&M’s revenue is on

Luxembourg ranks as top 1 cross-border country

In terms of cross-border market share, compared to the total online market, Luxembourg is the top 1 cross-border country in 2022. Its cross-border market share is 80 percent. The country’s total cross-border turnover was 1.8 billion euros.

The data comes