OMRON Launches New Controller NX502 with Advanced Information, Motion and Safety Control- to achieve high production, quality and energy productivity

OMRON Automation, the leading Japanese MNC in industrial automation business segment, has released NX502 CPU Unit automation controller with many pathbreaking information and safety control features as the latest addition to its NX series. The launch also accompanies the introduction of NX-EIP201 EtherNet/IP Unit.

The NX502 CPU Unit and NX-EIP201 EtherNet/IP Unit, with its world’s highest precision data collection and large-capacity transfer capabilities, help in realizing rapid improvement of processes, that are leading to defects in products, thus optimizing resource disposal losses at production sites and also delivering large capacity memory to realize real-time analysis and process modularization*.

NX502 is the first integrated controller in the OMRON NX-Series enabling large-scale and high-speed safety, reducing lead times when changing production lines. This feature makes it possible to adjust and check partial processes with minimal impact on overall operations even on large lines and maximizes energy productivity by significantly reducing lead times when changing lines.

With the growing importance of ESG management, efforts to achieve carbon neutrality at manufacturing sites are gaining more importance. In addition, manufacturing sites involved in products that are undergoing remarkable technological innovation, such as EVs (Electric Vehicles) and digital devices, are facing the challenges of building lines that are agile and responsive to rapid yield improvements and flexible equipment designs to respond to sudden fluctuations in demand.

According to Mr. Sameer Gandhi, MD, OMRON Automation, India, “OMRON has been contributing towards the improvement of productivity at manufacturing sites by leveraging its strength in control technology under its manufacturing innovation concept of “innovative-Automation”. This also indicates our endeavor to help manufacturers create sustainable manufacturing sites which are carbon neutral indicating our vision of enriching the future for people, industries and the globe by innovative automation.”

The product is a great offering for the Electric Mobility segment ensuring high battery quality, more safety through high-precision processing and high-resolution data utilization. It also plays a role in enabling ultra-flexible lines producing various vehicle models at maximum efficiency.

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