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We are going to introduce you to the best optical software for retail – Ari POS. But before that…

Imagine This

You can precisely handle customized orders, control your supplies, and keep track of numerous prescriptions.

Wouldn’t that be a sigh of relief?

Phew! Absolutely, Yes!

These were just the highlights. You can enjoy these and much more with Ari Optical POS.

Give Your Clients First-Rate Service with Ari Optical Software

Optical Software

If you’re an optical retailer, you’ll appreciate how Ari’s optical software features can help solve some of these common challenges faced by optical stores worldwide. Here’s how:

1) Efficient Inventory Management:

  • With Ari’s optical software for retail, you can easily manage your inventory by defining custom characteristics for eyeglasses and contact lenses, adding barcodes to inventory, and managing prescription-based inventory.
  • You can also keep sections alongside the images for easy management.

2) Multiple Prescription Management:

  • You can add multiple prescriptions with images for the “Primary” members and their related family members. The unique customer IDs help track purchase status, order history, and registered family trees.
  • Additionally, you can add “Purchase Orders” for vendors to supply requested eyeglasses/contact lenses, and the Sales Analysis Report helps check vendor-specific orders.

3) Precise Custom Order Management:

  • Register multiple custom orders for each customer with a distinct custom order ID for ease of management and tracking.
  • You can use “Link products” for creating custom orders and tracking pending order balance and order status using the “List Sorting” option.

Ari Optical Software’s cutting-edge features are designed specifically to solve your biggest challenges and revolutionize the way you do optical retail business.

From precise inventory classifications to email marketing campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

So, don’t let these opportunities slip away – Try Ari optical software today!

4) Advanced Purchase & Faster Transactions:

  • You can speed up transactions and billing with Ari’s well-optimized POS system.
  • Accept advance payments, produce receipts with estimated delivery dates, and accept multiple partial payments in multiple currencies and using different payment methods.
  • You can even add a delivery date to the invoice, scan barcodes, and use customized Quick buttons.

5) Systematic Promotion and Loyalty Management:

  • Ari’s Optical POS allows you to attract high sales for your optical store by promoting customized offers.
  • Use inbuilt promotion templates, establish referral programs for increased sales, and offer customer loyalty points for repeat purchases.

6) Prudent Decisions with Analytics & Reporting:

  • With Ari’s Optical POS, you can make informed decisions with comprehensive reports that analyze sales, track inventory, manage promotions, and even customer loyalty.

7) Impressive In-store Customer Experience:

Optical Software
  • Display your complete range of frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, and brochures through Ari’s intuitive POS display.
  • You can use the Substitute feature to display substitutes for a frame or sunglasses, show and sell combo offers, and upsell using the “Link Item” feature.
  • By choosing Ari’s Optical POS, you can enjoy an efficient retail experience and overcome the challenges faced by optical retailers worldwide, ensuring a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Wait! There’s More!

8) Maximize Your Optical Store’s Potential with Customized Reports and Analytics:

  • The Reports and Analytics Dashboard feature of Ari’s optical software for retail provides optical store owners like you with comprehensive reports and data analytics.
  • Helping you make informed decisions and improve your optical store’s performance.
  • By utilizing this feature, you will gain insights into sales trends, inventory management, and customer behavior, allowing you to make strategic business decisions and optimize your operations.
  • The reports are presented in an easy-to-understand format, enabling you to identify problem areas and make necessary adjustments quickly.
  • So, you analyze and make informed decisions to increase profits and improve customer satisfaction with ease!

9) Expand Your Optical Empire with Ari’s Multi-Store Management Feature:

  • With this powerful feature, you can easily manage and monitor multiple optical stores from a single dashboard. Cool, isn’t it?
  • Whether you’re expanding your business or simply looking to streamline operations, Ari’s Multi-Store Management feature has got you covered!
  • Save time, reduce costs, and increase profitability with this must-have feature.

10) Boost Your Efficiency with Ari’s Optical Software Integrations:

  • With integrations like QuickBooks, Retail Insight, Tally, Mailchimp, Business Central, and Xero, you can simplify accounting, create marketing campaigns, and automate tasks.
  • Choose the integrations that work best for you and start saving time and increasing your profits today!

11) Unlock Greater Sales and Customer Loyalty with Ari’s Customer Reward Program:

  • With this feature, you can offer personalized rewards to your customers for repeat purchases, referrals, and more, which will help drive sales and boost customer loyalty.
  • Additionally, the easy-to-use interface lets you track and manage rewards effortlessly, providing you with valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and behaviors.
  • Don’t miss out on this powerful feature to grow your optical business and delight your customers. Try the Customer Reward Program today by signing up for Ari’s free trial!

Retailers Worldwide Agree: Ari POS is the Ideal Choice for Optical Retail!

Retailers around the globe are raving about Ari POS!

With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and unparalleled support, Ari POS has become the go-to choice for optical retailers looking to take their business to the next level.

From managing inventory to processing transactions, Ari Optical Software for Retail streamlines every aspect of the retail experience, saving time and increasing efficiency.

But don’t just take our word for it – retailers everywhere are singing Ari POS’s praises. You can find out more here.

They love the easy setup, customizable options, and the ability to access real-time data from anywhere.

Plus, the 24/7 dedicated account manager support means that help is always just a phone call away.

So why wait?

Join the countless retailers who have already made the switch to Ari POS and experience the difference for yourself!

How’s Business Without Ari Optical POS?

Without Ari’s Optical POS, you will find it difficult to manage your inventory efficiently, resulting in lost sales due to stockouts or overstocking.

You will also struggle to keep track of multiple prescriptions and custom orders, leaving your customers frustrated and potentially losing their business.

By not using Ari’s optical POS software for retail, you will also miss out on the ability to offer promotions and loyalty programs to your customers, which can be a powerful way to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

So, don’t let these opportunities slip away – Try Ari optical software today!

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